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kickstartDS documentation

Learn how to own a Design System without investing years of development.

Own a Design System in just 5 steps

Follow our main guide to "Create your Design System"


Learn about design token, component and recipe use in kickstartDS. These building blocks lay the foundation for a thorough understanding of more complex topics.


Dive into the different ways kickstartDS components can be leveraged to speed up prototyping, implementation and integration of frontend code.


Look up examples for inspiration, or faster ramp up, when developing. Or follow our short guides on focussed problems and their solution inside kickstartDS.


Take a look behind the curtain: in-depth articles about the architecture of kickstartDS; which concepts are used, and what's the rationale for doing so.


Read through our FAQs, answering the most common questions. ... or get in contact with us for support on Twitter, Discord, Website Chat or via Email.


Everything about our process of development, next releases, and how you can get involved. We're super excited about contributions, so please don't be shy!