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Components are the main building blocks for any user interface. Using reusable components will enhance your product development workflow by reducing design and tech debt and speeding up the process. Following we provide some examples on how customize the compoentns contained in kickstartdS, to make them your own.

Adapt Button component

This guide shows how to add components to your Design System that use a kickstartDS base component directly

Customize Headline component

Customizing a component should be part of your arsenal, see how it would work with the Headline, as one example

Create TeaserCard component

This guided example shows how to find a fitting, existing kickstartDS base component for one of your use cases, to repurpose it

Extend Section component

This example shows step by step how to reuse the already existing Design Token and component structure to extend it

Create Interstitial component

This example shows step by step how to create a component based on the complex components from the kickstartDS Content Module