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Foundations are the visual elements needed to create your Design System and its engaging user experiences. You can build up your specifics based on all the best practice defaults given by kickstartDS on token, like color, typography, but also components and layout.


Token are design decisions encoded in your Design System. See, how kickstartDS differentiates between Branding, Design and Component Token.


Components are the main building blocks for any user interface. Explore how kickstartDS anatomy of components and learn about the Component API.


Read who kickstartDS handles layout to present and structure your content susing sections and Bedrock.


kickstartDS is sliced in different component modules which are all built on top of each other. Learn about these modules and its compontents.

kickstartDS Content Module

The perfect addition to our Open Source base

The Content Module includes seven rich components: Hero visual, Quote, Storytelling etc. — everything you need to build beautiful content experiences or to enrich your existing Design System
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