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What are Token?

Token are the smallest building blocks of a design system. Based on the values they store, they are usually used across multiple tools and platforms to ensure consistence and matching brand identity. Because Token are described abstraction, the defined values can change without disturbing the designer or developer experience.

The single source of truth to name and store a design decision, distributed so teams can use it across design tools and coding languages. -W3C Design Token Community Group

Inherit Token Level

kickstartDS differentiates between Branding, Design and Component Token. Whereas described above Design Token store values e.g. color, typography, spacing, animation, etc., Branding Token are are very small token subset to setup your corporate design in lightspeed. Component Token represent the properties and values that are contained in a component, e.g. container, label text, icons, and states.

Branding Token

encode your main brand identity, including colors, fonts and typography.

Design Token

are the core pieces and main building blocks of your Design System.

Component Token

are here to fulfill even sophisticated design decisions on component-level.