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As we just released kickstartDS with the first version of this documentation, we know, that we still have to work on many details to let our documentation shine. As we want to explain the underlaying concepts in-depth. The roadmap shall provide an overview of the versions to inform you on what we are working on or what is in the pipe for future releases. If you are missing something, ping us at or text us on Discord.


  • Full check accessibility
  • Complete Documentation
  • Add Concepts
  • Add more guides
  • Add Recipes
  • Refine roadmap

v2.0 (current version)

  • Open Source release



We try to have a healthy, friendly and active community. As we believe in the great openness of the Design System community. We rely on your feedback by adapting to your needs, so that kickstartDS will really become the Design System starter, digital teams and the community like to work with.

Although it's still quite small, this also enables us to respond to requests in a very hands-on fashion.

Feel free to join us on Discord!

If that's not your cup of tea, you can also reach out to us: