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In this post I’ll try to provide some background info on the power of kickstartDS components. They are especially powerful once …

Integration There's one thing every Design System shares: it only generates value when being applied! Next to using good abstractions, we also try to build as many integrations as possible ourselves.

In this post we demonstrate how kicking off a Design System, by applying tokens and adding some customization, can be done in under a day. In the process recreating the landing page, with it

#tldr: Design Token are all the rage these days. In almost every channel from the Design System space, you can feel a crispy white noise around the broad topic of Design Token. We also put in a lot of

this post explains and presents the Design System Initiative. Read the what, the why and for whom it might be the best way to kickstart a design system.

kickstartDS Design System Starter Only 5 minutes, 5 steps... ... to your own Design System! The selected components should be useful in every Design System by themselves, but they're specifically used

Components Overview There are a lot of different basic ways of building a component with kickstartDS. That extends to the ways you customize them, in the end we're just using widely accepted concepts

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Examples are a great way to illustrate the power of Design Systems. In the blog post "Release Spotlight: Semantic Token", the author provides an example of how Semantic Token can be used to create a consistent design language. The blog post "How our initiative workshop series helps customers to decide for or against building a design system" also provides examples of how Design Systems can be used to create a unified look and feel across multiple products. The blog post "Setting up a working Design System in less than a day" provides an example of how quickly a Design System can be set up and implemented. Finally, the blog post "Great components inside kickstartDS" provides examples of the components that can be used to create a Design System. Examples are a great way to demonstrate the power of Design Systems and how they can be used to create a unified look and feel across multiple products.

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Visual examples are the most essential element of effective component doc. If the overall layout constrains width, you can augment rendered code examples with screenshots (Example: Morningstar) or pre

So many enterprises present ecosystems far more complex than “one design system, all our products.” Most design systems document examples visually and — if available — the code used to produce that re

Guidelines overview Explore our guidelines to learn how to design cohesive and predictable products for Culture Amp using Kaizen. Also known as: GuidelinesGuideDesign documentation Guidelines Need to