kickstartDS low-code CMS starters: Connecting a Design System to a CMS just got easier
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Open Source Design System Starter

Design System Modules

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What’s included?

  • All Open Source Modules with
  • 26 highly adaptable components
  • Great documentation and starter guides
  • Start in just 5 minutes
  • Discuss questions in Discord

Single Instance licence

Content Module

Perfect addition to our Open Source base 

What’s included?

  • 7 additional components for content
  • unlimited usage time
  • 24 Month of support and maintenance
  • update guarantee
  • maintenance + further developments
  • Community support on Discord

Enterprise needs

Custom Module?

If you have individual preferences

What’s included?

  • Custom development
  • Design System Consultancy
  • Technology training
  • Exclusive support
  • Expert advice

Components modules

kickstartDS is split into different component modules which are all built on top of each other

Core Module

Open Source

The foundational layer of a kickstartDS instance is primarily the Core Module, which serves as the basis for every layout through its Container Component. Unlike other modules, it doesn't offer any grab-and-go components, but it does feature container queries as its unique attribute.

Base Module

Open Source

Our kickstartDS Base Module provides a comprehensive component library that empowers digital teams to create efficient and brand-compliant web frontends with ease. It offers a solid set of default components that serve as the building blocks to craft a custom Design System from the ground up, using a code-first approach.

Forms Module

Open Source

The Form Module contains all the form elements you need to be styled to create your form recipes on top of it.

Blog Module

Open Source

A Design System is nothing without a system applying it. That's why we created a simple set of Blog components to empower you creating value to bring kickstartDS into action. The Blog Module contains five rich components.

Closed Component Module

Content Module

The perfect addition to our Open Source base

The Content Module includes seven rich components.All the Design System components you need when building beautiful content experiences or to enrich your existing Design System.

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Why should I start building my Design System based on kickstartDS

Save time and money

Leave your internal dev resources dedicated to real, business critical problems, instead of letting them reinvent UI again and again, that should adhere to UX patterns learned by your end users anyway.

Support Open Source

Join the movement towards democratizing design systems by incorporating open-source software into your workflow and supporting the continued development of kickstartDS.

Skip years of development

With kickstartDS, skip the initial setup and get right to the real work. Our design system starter kit solves core challenges and minimizes risk and effort.

Solid foundation

We have already solved all core challenges. No need to setup all the basics before start working on the real stuff.

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