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Create outstanding landing pages on speed

The Content Module, a perfect addition to our Design System starter kit

Create your next digital experience faster, more consistent and sustainably than ever

The kickstartDS Content Module seamlessly integrates with your existing Design System, adding rich and complex content components to your arsenal.


What can you expect?

A bundle of seven easy-to-add, responsive, accessible and versatile content components, based on all the best practices included with kickstartDS: Provider/Context, Render Props, isolated client JS, etc.

Design Token

Will automatically adapt the Design Tokens from your main kickstartDS setup

Storybook Integration

All Content Module components will be available in your Storybook

Developer friendly

Components are structured for a better developer experience

Why should I buy the Content Module?


Save time and money

Leave your internal dev resources dedicated to real, business critical problems, instead of letting them reinvent UI again and again, that should adhere to UX patterns learned by your end users anyway.

Support Open Source

With every purchase of a Content Module license you directly support the development of kickstartDS, the Open Source starter kit for Design System creation.

Skip weeks of development

Add components always staying in compliance with all the design rules you have already setup in the core, promoting overall consistency.

Solid foundation

We have already solved all core challenges. No need to setup all the basics before start working on the real stuff.

And be honest: wouldn’t you build pretty much all of those anyways? Why not take a shortcut?

We want you to own it, so get it, forever!

Professionally crafted Design System-ready components for creating content rich experiences and products of any scale and complexity.

Single Instance licence


or €1.500 per year 

What’s included?

  • The period of use is unlimited
  • 24 Month of support and maintenance
  • update guarantee for 24 months
  • maintenance + further developments
  • Community support on Discord
  • Email support

Enterprise licence

Let’s talk

If you need to power many instances

What’s included?

  • Unlimited instances
  • Unlimited usage across all your digital touch points
  • Exclusive support
  • Development availability
  • Expert advice + consultancy

* Price per single instance. Find details in the FAQs

Included in the kickstartDS Content Module


Based on our Open Source core library, the Content Module completes your Design Systems components by adding seven rich components to build beautiful content experiences with:

  1. Hero Visual
    A hero visual is a large banner at the top of a website that grabs users' attention and promotes the unique selling proposition with a main call to action. Instead of providing lots of snippets we have one component you can manage to work for all those use cases. Read more on this component in our blog.
  2. Storytelling
    Generate alternating section with images and text combinations changing sides, with just component image placement features, mobile exceptions. T you need to tell your story and narrative.
  3. Count Up
    Every organization at some part of the story want to show off some fact and figures. This component is made to display these values and animates it in real-time.
  4. Quote
    Showing of customer satisfaction is important. The quote component is made to display testimonials and designed to draw attention to the quote and make it stand out from the rest of the content on the page.
  5. Logo Tiles
    Presenting your references and customers is a must. The Logo Tiles component has all the properties for the most flexible presentation from gutter to rows.
  6. Visual Slider
    The Visual Slider component is an UI element that showcases multiple visual content in a slide-based format. It is highly customizable, and designed to be responsive for various devices.
  7. Quote Slider
    This component is customizable to showcases testimonials in a slide-based format, being highly customizable, and designed to be responsive for various devices.

Instead of digging through endless examples from overloaded libraries, such as Tailwind UI, Bootstrap and co, who offer countless variants of important layout recipes, with the kickstartDS Content Module you can rely on way fewer, more versatile components for your content needs. This enables wider re-use of code, and automatic consistency, while also staying adaptable to future needs. Something other libraries often lack, with either really hand-picked functionality, not really fitting your use-case, or lacking consistency in design and code between different recipes.


Everything you need to know about the product and billing

How is the kickstartDS Content Module different from the kickstartDS starter kit?

The Content Module is built on top of the kickstartDS base component library. Compared to the core components, the components we offer here are more much more complex. Read this blog article to learn more about our great components.

What do I get when I buy a kickstartDS Content Module license?

After you have purchased a license from our payment provider, you will receive an email from us asking for your Github Name. We will provide you access to the Content Module repository.

What does separate instance mean?

A single instance is a detached website or app that is installed, developed and perceived as its own instance.

For example: 

  • 1st instance - the main website (e.g. with a CMS as the backend). -
  • 2nd instance - news portal or a blog (e.g. driven by Wordpress or similar)
  • 3rd instance - landing page builder (e.g. with or similar)
  • 4th instance - product microsite (e.g. hard-coded on subdomain)
  • etc.
Does kickstartDS come with a Figma file or similar?

No, kickstartDS does not include assets for Figma or other tools. Since kickstartDS is a code first starter kit, building these additional resources means we can't spend as much time creating new components, where we think we can provide the most value.

How does the license work?

The license grants permission to be used for one separate instance, which is a detached website or app that is installed, developed and perceived as its own instance, such as your main website or a blog with enriched content. After your purchase, you will be granted permission to access the Github repo to download the npm package.

Do you offer a free trial of the Content Module?

We do not offer a free trial. Instead, try out our Open Source Design System starter kit, which is mandatory to setup anyways. Click here for an overview of all free modules.