kickstartDS low-code CMS starters: Connecting a Design System to a CMS just got easier
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Design System services

kickstartDS is made for productivity. And so are we!

We help you getting started. Use our design and consultancy services to support you introducing your design system, including onboarding, training or governance.

Our expert services

Solutions for getting started, building, customizing and adopting Design Systems practices fitting into your organization

For SMEs and large organizations

Design System Initiative

Outcome: know the scale of your design system and how to implement it right

How it works: in a series of workshops we analyze your inventory, your web ecosystem, toolchain and build processes. Including all important stakeholders we will ...

  • set up an user interface inventory
  • create an implementation strategy
  • identify a pilot project
  • map UI components along kickstartDS

For frontend developers & UI teams

Knowledge Transmission

Outcome: increase your teams productivity, developer experience (DX) and overall happiness

How it works: using trainings and pair programming methods we help you to get your devs familiar with our component library kickstartDS and the following topics ...

  • frontend-frameworks & -technologies
  • loading time performance
  • frontend build pipelines and tool chains
  • accessibility

Learn how you can partner with us to get your Design System started

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Partners with whom we already have a strong relationship

  • Telekom
  • Amadeus
  • Wolfcraft
  • Noweda
  • Sparstrom
  • VR NetWorld
  • Taktsoft
  • maxcluster
  • encore
  • Dachser

Own a Design System without investing years of development

kickstartDS is the design system starter kit in which we have already solved all core challenges. No need to setup all the basics before start working on the real stuff. Removing all the assumptions on building your design system, and reduce the risk and effort required to get started. Let's talk about what the kickstartDS team can do for you.

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