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Finally, the wait is over … today we are very proud to announce the Open Source release of kickstartDS. It’s been roughly one year since we started to go to market as we published our website, and we

We’re still wasting massive amounts of valuable development cycles in the frontend world by working in silos, or by to at least some extent reinventing the wheel for every project. Results suffer in t

Design System Initiative A Design System Initiative is the process an organization undertakes when considering to initialize a Design System. A Design System Initiative includes audits of existing int

We want to support you to create one library of components, patterns and tokens to be used in any frontend you need to …

Create a component Overview Creating a component differs from "just" adapting a component in that it starts out without a specific kickstartDS component already in mind. Adaptation process as a base l

#tldr Why Design Systems, and a more structured approach to frontend engineering in general, might be key to a more shared frontend ecosystem. And how this thought might hit an interesting inflection

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Background is an important concept when it comes to Design Systems. It is the foundation of the system, and it is what sets the tone for the rest of the design. The kickstartDS is Open Source now. Let’s start to democratize Design Systems today blog post explains that kickstartDS is an open source Design System that is designed to make it easier for developers to create and maintain Design Systems. It provides a set of tools and components that can be used to create a unified design language.

The Unlocking the frontend – a call for standardizing component APIs pt.1 blog post explains that the background of a Design System is the set of rules and guidelines that define how components should be used and how they should interact with each other. It is important to have a consistent background in order to ensure that the components are used correctly and that the design language is unified.

Finally, the Why we are creating kickstartDS blog post explains that kickstartDS was created to provide developers with a unified design language and a set of tools and components that can be used to create a consistent background for their Design Systems. The goal of kickstartDS is to make it easier for developers to create and maintain Design Systems, and to ensure that the design language is unified and consistent.

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Reading Here’s a list of books that I’m currently reading and have read over the years. It's aimed at driven, successful, overachiever, workaholic types, and helps shine some serious light on the trap

Everyone – designer, developer, leader, anyone else – contends that contributions are essential to legitimize a design system. Many will go so far as to say contributions are the primary reason a desi

When creating a physical structure like a building, a foundation is pretty dang important, for lots of reasons. I’ve seen a high correlation between those who overvalue the importance of “foundations”