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Digital Design Systems: "Code is the source of truth" 🇩🇪

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Taktsoft Campus
April 7th, 2022


How designers and developers work together to realize modularity and reusability in web frontends

Behind a simple requirement there are many complex issues: e.g. which customer channels have to be served, which backend systems have to be integrated?

Then the question arises whether someone has already implemented parts, or whether code that has already been written can be reused. Often the answer is "no" and functions and features are developed over and over again.

In this podcast, I talk with Jonas Ulrich and Daniel Ley. Jonas Ulrich and Daniel Ley are founders of kickstartDS, the open source starter kit for digital design systems. Together they are on a mission to democratize design systems.

Daniel's many years of expertise as a UX manager and former co-designer of the global Amadeus IT Group design system are of great help to him. Before switching to the pure product business, Jonas spent 15 years designing and implementing frontend and CMS solutions for clients at ruhmesmeile GmbH. His heart has been beating for frontend topics and technologies since the very beginning.

Daniel and Jonas talk about the challenges frontend developers have to face, what happens in the ecosystem, if an architecture like Jamstack helps and - the exciting question - if and how a digital design system can help.


Daniel Ley
Jonas Ulrich

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