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Create a component Overview Creating a component differs from "just" adapting a component in that it starts out without a specific kickstartDS component already in mind. Adaptation process as a base l

An episode dedicated to Design Tokens communication between design files and components libraries, from a development perspective. By using kickstartDS, we follow Jonas in the path of building a white-labelled design systems for flexibility.

kickstartDS Design System Starter Only 5 minutes, 5 steps... ... to your own Design System! The selected components should be useful in every Design System by themselves, but they're specifically used

The following topics were discussed: the unexpected outcomes of transitioning to a composable architecture, advice for agency or SaaS company executives, desired changes in the industry, identified bottlenecks in composable architectures, and the longing for a feature from old technology to be brought back.

Introduction to kickstartDS kickstartDS is an Open Source Design System starter and UI toolkit for building up your very own Design System. kickstartDS aims to be the foundation for your Design System

Definition for "Coding"

Coding is an essential part of creating a Design System. It involves writing code to define the components, styles, and other elements of the system. This code is used to create a consistent look and feel across all applications and platforms. By specifying tokens in a Design System, developers can ensure that the same colors, fonts, and other elements are used consistently throughout the system. Specify Tokens in a Design System

Coding also involves creating a library of components that can be reused across different applications. This library can be used to create a consistent user experience across all applications. By creating a library of components, developers can ensure that the same components are used in all applications, and that the components are consistent in terms of design and functionality. Creating a Design System Library

Finally, coding is also used to create a showcase of the Design System. This showcase can be used to demonstrate the system to stakeholders and other interested parties. By creating a showcase, developers can show off the system's features and capabilities, and demonstrate how the system can be used to create a consistent user experience across all applications. Design System Showcase

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Most organizations are coming to understand systems and why they are important. With a steadying stream of regular outputs, your customers (product teams) adopt parts, individuals start to relinquish

Everyone – designer, developer, leader, anyone else – contends that contributions are essential to legitimize a design system. Many will go so far as to say contributions are the primary reason a desi

Are systems destined to have one set of only the best things? Using tiers, systems can incrementally improve capabilities and quality of meaningful feature sets and promote ideas from a team or group