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kickstartDS - eine Code-Library als Schnellstart für ein Design System 🇩🇪

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June 3rd, 2022


In June we present again two completely free webinars on our UX / UI Community Discord server. Once "kickstartDS - a code library as a quick start for a design system" and "A/B testing with Quant-UX". Location: Discord Voice channel "UX Talk

kickstartDS - a code library as a quick start for a design system

Jonas Ulrich & Daniel Ley, 03.06.2022, 10:00 Uhr

Design systems are on everyone's lips right now. But do designers and developers in particular know how time-consuming and complex such systems are to create? They often don't have the budget or the development capacity. Daniel and Jonas want to solve this problem with kickstartDS. As a startup they are still "early-stage" with the development and therefore this session will be an open round for exchange. kickstartDS is a starterkit for digital design systems, code-side!

Using design and component tokens, the nearly 40 content components so far can be customized very quickly to match each client's brand. Customers can then easily build or set up their own custom components on top of this. This is what makes it a truly value-adding design system. The whole thing is illustrated in a detailed storybook, a tool that allows developers and designers to participate together in the creation of the front end.


Daniel Ley
Jonas Ulrich

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