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The kickstartDS Storyblok CMS Starter is an integration designed to facilitate the seamless use of kickstartDS’s Design System within the Storyblok CMS environment.

This solution enables developers and content creators to leverage a comprehensive set of design components and presets directly in Storyblok, streamlining the process of building and managing content-rich websites.

Our starter comes fully ready to use, with direct and instant deployment options for Netlify Core. It also includes a small getting started page, to surface possible next steps to take.

Additionally the CMS Starter also automatically connects your Design System, and its component APIs, to your chosen headless CMS through our schema tooling.

Build a Storyblok website in just a few quick and simple steps

With our low-code starter you can generate a marketing or landing page, including a fully fledged Design System, ready to be customized to your needs

Step 1

Getting prepped

Make sure you have a Storyblok account and Space for the Storyblok starter. Then click the button to visit our GitHub repo

Go to GitHub

Step 2

Choose your path to deploy

Either use our instant deploy flow for Netlify Core, or fork the starter and make a first deployment manually. Check out this Short on Youtube for a quick live demo how to deploy to Netlify Core.

Step 3

Apply you design & branding

Adjust the provided theme to your liking, starting from one of the four provided starting points. Check out this Youtube clip to see how simple you can theme things

🏁 Finish 🏁


Follow the 'Getting Started' page provided with every starter for next potential steps ... and start creating!

Key Features

The starter comes with a fully fledged Design system under the hood

Seamless Integration

Provides a direct linkage between kickstartDS’s Design System and Storyblok, allowing for real-time visual consistency and updates within the CMS.

Instant deployment

All our starters come fully ready to use, with direct and instant deployment options for Netlify or Vercel. They also include a small getting started page, to surface possible next steps to take.

Theming & Design Token

Theming and Design Token are an integral part of the included Design System, and kickstartDS in general. We include 4 distinct token sets to choose from when starting!

Component Variants as Presets

Enables the utilization of component variants from the Design System as presets in Storyblok, offering enhanced customization and flexibility in content presentation.

Schema Tooling

The CMS Starters automatically connect your Design System, and its component APIs, to your chosen headless CMS through our schema tooling.

Skip years of development

With kickstartDS, skip the initial setup and get right to the real work. Our design system starter kit solves core challenges and minimizes risk and effort.

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