In addition to using ES6 as a specific flavor, on top of JavaScript as a technology, we're using TypeScript for it's additional type safety and resulting confidence when developing long lasting, well-rounded frontend solutions like a component library.

One additional feature of TypeScript we're relying heavily on is the ability to generate types for publishing packages. We use this to generate all component typings automatically, based on shared JSON Schema definitions, enabling auto-complete for properties defined in the context of the component... based on the generated types.


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ECMAScript 6 (ES6)

ES6 is the specific flavour of JavaScript we're writing for it's much improved module support, making 100% vanilla JavaScript solutions a reality. It is also much more terse and expressive in its syntax (iterators, destructuring, arrow functions, etc). …


JavaScript for us has two uses. On the one hand it is the foundation for progressively layered interactivity on a website / interface built with kickstartDS, and on the other hand it's at the core of the "engine" powering quality and developer experience in modern web frameworks: build tooling, bund …