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Frequently Asked Questions

We'll add a more comprehensive FAQ soon, please tell us your questions... we'll make sure to include answers to them here!


How can I debug components re-rendering too often / in an infinite loop?

When being confronted with a case of components re-rendering way too often (compared to your expectation, and the necessity to do so), or even re-rendering in an infinite loop, you can try adding the following dependency to your setup to debug why specific components were actually re-rendered:

For a more detailed intro, see:


How can I solve SyntaxError: Unexpected token 'export'?

The kickstartDS components are shipped as EcmaScript modules (ESM). To use them in a Next.js project, they have to be transpiled to CommonJS modules (CJS).

While Next.js doesn't transpile modules that are installed via NPM, you need to customize the Babel configuration or use the next-transpile-modules plugin (recommended).